Camp Rules

Long Bay Motor Camp & Cabins


First Rule:      

you are on holiday have fun and enjoy your stay - grumpy people are not welcomed

Arrival Time:      

Any time after Lunch

Departure Time:       


Caravans and campervans          

Must have an electrical warrant of fitness and comply with LPG Standard NZS 5428:2006.
All campervans and caravans must have their own wastewater container. Chemical toilets must be emptied at dump station.


Electricity can only be connected through an approved isolation transformer or RCD Safety Switch.


One vehicle to be parked on Own site only, not on driveways. Boat parks to be used where appropriate.


To be at walking pace only or be prepared to be yelled at by Leanne we have a lot of children in camp who are excited to be on holiday and they forget about road rules  - be kind be considerate and drive under 10km per hour.


reasonable quietness between 10.30pm and 7am..  Happy drinkers are allowed keep your noise and music for your camp site only to hear.   And when Des is drunk please point him home.


Cost of loss or damage to property or accommodation will be recovered.


Are by courtesy of the management at all times but are your responsibility .  Visitor’s vehicles to be left outside or in public car park.


To be  placed in receptacles provided during summer bins are placed in certain areas     all fish scraps to be returned to the sea - they are your responsibility they do not belong in our bins to stink out


We ask for your co-operation so that your stay and the stay of other guests can be enjoyable.

If any of these rules or health and safety or Fire Regulations are breached, you may be required to leave the park without refund.

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