15th February – 15th December

Exceptions – all public holidays and Christmas / New Year Period (15th of December – 15th of February)

We have had a variety of pets stay with us at Long Bay. We have our own four legged friends – there is Chief the border Collie who does sleepovers and needs a bath, along with Snapper the 10kg Moggie who loves cuddles and off cuts of snapper, and who can forget Gus, well he gets his food from Pak N Save the big fluff ball – everyone is his slave.

Generally, it is dogs that come to stay, so we have a specific dog policy. As you are all aware, not everyone likes dogs, and in fact even the smallest of dogs can cause distress to some people – so we do require that our policy is followed if you wish to bring your dog into the park.

Holiday Park Dog Policy

  • All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in camp and on the beach from December to February. February to December dogs can be off lead on the beach but must be under control.
  • Owners must pick up their doggy doos, Dogs are not to be toileted on sites.
  • There should be no dogs around the communal facilities.
  • Dogs should be on their site or walked from their site.
  • Dogs are not to wonder freely around the camp.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the Dairy
  • If your dog barks excessively, displays aggressive behaviour or annoys anyone then we may ask you to remove the dog from the park immediately.
  • Only one big dog per site (or two little ones)


Please note, there is to be no dogs in or around our fixed accommodation. Our cabins are all in the no dog area.

If a pet (or any sign of a pet) is found near or in the cabin there will be a $200 fee incurred.