Camping made easy

Des and I have had the camp for the last seven years and it have built up from shakey beginnings to a booming little camp with yesteryear values. 

The first stop when staying at Long Bay Motor Camp is a visit to our Camp Store. Here, you’ll find both our reception and a good selection of essentials such as ice cream, dairy, snacks, fishing tackle, bait and salt ice, and general pantry items, LOLLIES and don’t forget the expresso coffee for mum who has to put up with hubby and the kids.

The main facilities of both Tucks Bay and Long Bay are located at Long Bay campground.

Our camp kitchen is fully equipped with all standard cooking facilities (microwaves, hot plates, fridge, freezer). The laundry comprises of a washing machine ($4 for a wash) and dryer ($4 for a dry). We also have a clothesline (located behind the cabins).

The toilet block includes gents & ladies areas with showers and toilets. Remember 50c coins for the showers (this is donated to the local area school so they can camp here free in February and also get free ice blocks).

For a rainy day, our TV room is cosy spot to relax with several TV channels available for your entertainment.

An on-site dump station is available for our motor campers.

The boat wash down area has all the facilities needed to clean up your boat and prepare your catch for the barbeque. Immediately behind the boat ramp, there is a large well-lit wash down area with hose and running water, as well as a covered fish filleting bench with room enough for all our successful anglers! Rule of the camp – if fish filleting is happening there is no dumping of waste.

An outdoor BBQ area is also available.

Even in our busy season, we do our very best to find good parking for all our visitors trailer boats.